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I'm Christina. And my dream is to build yours. 

Marketing is where I have found my home and what I can do for hours on end without it feeling like work.

I am a daughter of a small business owner. Growing up, I saw what went into starting a business, maintaining it and growing it. I know what it means to get the success you dreamed of and I’m here to make it happen for you.

I started my career with a journalism degree and running a marketing department in the corporate world. I began freelancing on the side and marketing quickly became my life.

Through my last few years of freelancing and coaching, I noticed a trend of wellness business clients. As someone into wellness herself, I loved these projects and decided to take things to a new level and help as many businesses as I can in this industry I feel so strongly about.

I began the journey of turning away everything that wasn't wellness-related to gain as much experience as possible on projects I love and now it's all I do.

I'm now in a place where I want to make an even bigger impact and serve more people outside of my one-on-one clients. Can you relate?

I've learned from my clients that they feel this way too about their wellness services. So, I'm putting all of my strategies on paper and giving wellness professionals everything they need to expand their business to a successful online brand that attracts their target audience and helps them make an even bigger impact with their gift. 

If you're ready to grow this thing, I've got you. 

I'd love to hear from you - christina@yourwellnessmarketer.com


I'd love to hear from you.

What others have to say

Christina Bernhard was amazing to work with in creating our website. The professionalism and knowledge she displayed along with her timely response was very impressive. Being the technology challenged person I am and not having any idea of what I wanted or needed she definitely had a task at hand from the start.

- Tammie

So thankful for all her help. She was great, efficient, quick, and finished the task in half of the allotted time budget. Great communication too. She kept me up to date each step of the project.


Christina communicated well and responded quick to answer any questions I had for me project. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future.


Christina was great. Clear communication and delivered the project as promised. Very happy with her work!


I hired Christina and couldn't have been more satisfied with the outcome. She did a great job on the project, hit every deadline she set, executed the tasks well, and continuously communicated throughout the process. I will be using Christina's services again when needed, and I recommend using Christina as well.


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